ChaCha Metro App

Ask questions and find answers


  • Simple, intuitive interface
  • Instant search
  • Beautiful, in depth galleries and articles


  • Lots of wasted space viewing articles
  • Photos don't enlarge


ChaCha for Windows 8 is a questions and answers search engine.

Got a question on your mind? Ask ChaCha and you'll most likely find your answer. Most common answers are answered by human beings and presented so. Searching with Google will give you a bunch of sites that may or may not contain the answer but ChaCha does its best to answer you like a human being.

The interface of ChaCha is slick. Want to search for something? Click or tap on the 'Ask A Question' button and the Windows 8 search side-bar will pop up. Start typing your question and results will appear instantly below. Click or tap on one to see the answer.

While ChaCha has a pretty incredible database of questions and answers, the information that it provides is very shallow. You will often get a few sentences and that's it. If you're looking for more info, you'll have to search outside of ChaCha for it. The Wikipedia app is a good start.

On the front page of the app, you are given a grid of articles that you can read. The topics of the articles vary from top lists to solutions for common problems. These articles are also pretty shallow and don't provide much quality reading as they only present the bare minimum. Annoying, ads are integrated into the grid of articles, disguising them.

Overall, ChaCha is a good, quick way to look up questions semantically but a proper search engine will probably provide you with more information.



ChaCha Metro App

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